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Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah.

Anonymous said: best birthday presents for the signs?


aries - some nice jewellery like earrings or a necklace

taurus - a meal at an expensive restaurant and a fine bottle of wine

gemini - concert tickets

cancer - a bouquet of flowers and a hand written card 

leo - designer clothes

virgo - a book

libra - new perfume/aftershave

scorpio - something personal to them

sagittarius - a holiday away from home

capricorn - a nice expensive watch

aquarius - a new phone/something techy

pisces - expensive spirits/fine wine



i wanna hold harry’s soft dick in the palm of my hand like a baby bird 


If you tell a someone w boobs that they need to buy a shirt/dress that covers up their bra chances are you need to buy some pants to cover up your diaper because you are a massive whiny piss baby

one direction: this album's a bit more grown up, the lyrics are more mature
one direction: na na na na na


I hate that Michael feels like he needs to apologize for having fun with friends. Why do people care so much that they hang out with girls?

My mom just told me to pack my stuff and get out. That’s funny because I’ve been paying every bill in our house for the last year.

When my mom yells at me I can’t help but laugh and when she smacked me in the face I laughed even harder and omg she’s so mad.